Country Boy Merchandise

A Guitar and a Pen, Edited by Robert Hicks, New York Times bestselling author of The Widow of the South. Coedited by John Bohlinger and Justin Stelter, Singer-Songwriters. Forward by Vince Gill.

This unique collection presents, for the first time, the literary work of some of the best storytellers in the world: the songwriters who cut and polish tales down to sparkling three-minute gems. A blend of fiction and nonfiction, humor and poignancy, these takes cover a wide range of styles and country artists.
$15.95 + tax/shipping

Country Boy’s Signature Coffee

Our signature coffee comes in regular and decaf . We ask Leiper’s Creek Coffee to help us find the perfect blend of coffee that our Country Boys and Girls would love and after drinking hundreds of cups of coffee, we finally came up with the Country Boy Coffee blend. We love when you come have coffee with us, but if you just can’t make it to the restaurant, you can enjoy that same cup of coffee at home.

Sold in 1 lb. bags.
$10.00 + tax/shipping

Country Boy’s Coffee Mugs

Our sturdy coffee mugs with our Country Boy logo are a heavy-duty diner style and sure to let you enjoy a GREAT cup of coffee when you add Country Boy’s signature coffee.

Single coffee Mug
$ 8.00 + tax/shipping

Set of 4 Country Boy Mugs

Keep your Country Boy coffee mug from being lonely by purchasing a set of four, then you can enjoy a cup of coffee with special Country Boys or Girls.
$29.95 + tax/shipping

Country Boy T-shirts

This 100% pre-shrunk classic-style cotton T-shirt with our Country Boy logo subtly placed on the left and our motto “It’s a beautiful day in Leiper’s Fork” across the back, is not only comfortable but looks spiffy with jeans, shorts or whatever you want to mix and match it with. Available in three great colors of our signature Red, Khaki, or Gray.

$ 15.00 + tax/shipping

Choose color

Country Boy “Mossy Oakā„¢” Ball Cap

Our low profile camouflage cap, is great for hunting the great outdoors for some vittles to put on your table or wear “any old time.” Country Boys and Girls enjoy this cap and it looks great with all three colors of our T-shirts.
$20.00 + tax/shipping

Country Boy Ball Cap

Our low profile cap looks great with anything and comes in the neutral color of Khaki.
$20.00 + tax/shipping

Country Boy 2010 Calendar

This calendar celebrates just a few of the men who rebuilt the new Country Boy Restaurant. We would need hundreds of months to honor them all as well as the fabulous customers who have patronized the restaurant over the years. In a world that often celebrates superficial beauty and hollow achievement, we think this calendar offers a fresh perspective on whom we should praise. Look into the faces of these exceptional men. They work every day, without fanfare, to support their families and strengthen their communities. We don’t thank them enough for the gifts they bring to our lives. Here’s to thanking them daily in 2010.
$ 6.00 +tax/shipping