In 2010 Country Boy Restaurant celebrates forty-two years of service to the residents of Williamson County.  It is the longest serving rural restaurant in Williamson County.  It is a restaurant for families run by families:  The Mealers (1968-1981); The Heithcocks (1981-1983); the McCandlesses (1983-1994); The Hayes (1994-2009) and The Martins (2009 – Present).  When the Martins purchased Country Boy they wanted to preserve the tradition so admirably maintained by the previous owners.  Yet, they also hoped to recreate the restaurant for a new generation of families.  To that end they began a renovation of the restaurant unlike any renovation they had ever done.

In forty-one days over 100 contractors worked more than 5,500 hours to transform the restaurant you now see.  Local painters, plumbers, electricians and builders worked on every aspect of the renovation.  They made choices about fixtures, colors and even menu items.  Their dedication was nothing short of remarkable.  There are no finer workers and human beings than the people who worked on this project.

Country Boy Restaurant prides itself for cooking up good southern foods just like your Mama and Grandma cooked.